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    "really fights your corner..." Chambers UK
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    "Consistently high-quality work and client-friendly approach." Chambers UK


21 May 2020

In May 2020, BTO launched an exciting and innovative online product – BTOyouSTART - for both Family Law and Wills and Estates clients. Read on to find out how this product may be beneficial for you and your family.

First things first. What exactly is BTOyouSTART and how does it work?

We have collaborated with a specialist company to provide an online portal which, using artificial intelligence, takes potential clients through a series of questions about their situation. The Artificial Intelligence means that the process is streamlined and intuitive, asking the right questions to get relevant information easily. At the end of the process, a tailored summary with relevant, detailed information regarding the legal position is provided to each client. Then, if a potential client choses to instruct BTO, we will receive a comprehensive note of the factual position, meaning that we can focus discussions at our initial meeting on the points that really matter rather than simple fact finding.

    Lesley Gordon

  Lesley Gordon, Partner

What are the main benefits of using BTOyouSTART?

There are many. You can go onto the online portal and start the process of engaging a solicitor when you are ready, even if that is at 3.00am and you can’t sleep, or if you live and work in a different country and time zone. We recognise that for many, juggling careers and family life, speaking to a solicitor between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday is virtually impossible. We are a flexible team already offering appointments at times that suit our clients and BTOyouSTART complements and strengthens that service.

One of the great benefits of BTOyouSTART for family law clients is that it is discreet. Many of our clients are seeking advice about sensitive and personal issues at the start or the end of their relationship. Some may have not fully decided that they want to separate, yet alone discussed it with their partner. Separation and divorce is not an easy subject and sadly factors such as domestic abuse or controlling behaviour can also be present. If you are unable to have a phone or video call, then using BTOyouSTART means that you can start engaging a solicitor and get preliminary advice without anyone else in your home, whether that is your partner or your children, knowing that you are doing so. This is perhaps particularly useful just now while we are still in a lockdown situation.

BTOyouSTART is also a step into the online world which has become every day for most of us. People can be tentative about speaking with a solicitor for any reason and in particular about very personal issues such as those that family lawyers deal with daily. BTOyouSTART gives you an easy and helpful way into the process of engaging a good solicitor in an environment that is comfortable for you.

BTOyouSTART, means we don’t need to worry about administrative details like getting the spelling of names right. What that means is a much more productive meeting during which we can really focus on building a strong and positive relationship with our clients. We can spend our time answering questions, understanding what our clients want and developing a strategy to move things forward for them. The other benefit is that with a comprehensive note of a client’s case, we can ensure that the solicitor assigned to that case is well matched to deal with it, whether it be a financial case, a case with child related issues, or even adoption or surrogacy.

Sounds interesting?

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